Prolink Protection | Home Security. Protection Guaranteed.
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Home Automation

Manage and control your home with Prolink's Home Automation package.

Security and Safety

A Prolink Home Security and Safety package helps you monitor and protect what matters most.


Remain safe and independent with Prolink's monitoring and medical alert services.

Get protected today! Call Prolink Protection at 888-990-4039 and request a free quote!

About Us

Happy Family

Prolink Protection offers homeowners the ability to secure their most valuable possessions through cutting edge home automation and innovative security systems. We employ a dynamic set of Advertising Coordinators that inform homeowners of their options, securing not only their homes, but also their families.

In addition, Prolink specializes in secure automation for both homes and businesses, providing you with the option to remotely control your overall security, door locks, lights, thermostats and cameras.

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