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A Prolink home security system helps you monitor and protect the most important things in your life. Our professional staff are here to help with 24-hour monitoring!

Keep An Eye Out

Want to see who’s knocking at the door or check on your pets or the babysitter? With Prolink’s video monitoring system, you can view live footage of your home from anywhere. You can even capture a picture with our image sensors when any motion is detected and have the picture sent directly to your mobile device. With our tamper-resistant technology, you can feel safe with uninterrupted protection. Our systems are wireless so there are no wires for intruders to cut and our panels are damage-resistant during an incident. Power outage? No problem! Your system will operate on a backup battery so you stay secure.

9 out of 10 burglars avoid homes with alarm systems

Always know you are secure! When any sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to the Prolink control panel. Your 24-hour monitoring center is immediately alerted and the necessary actions are taken. With your mobile device, you can remotely view if it is an emergency or have the ability to disable a false alarm.

Get protected today! Call Prolink at 480-361-9277 and request a free quote!

Home Safety Banner

Sixty-two percent of home fire deaths result from homes with no or non-working fire systems.

Prolink systems offer monitoring for fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and flood, protecting not only your home, but also your family in times of emergency. Fire detected? You can program the system to turn off your thermostat in addition to contacting you of the emergency. Carbon monoxide detected? Have the HVAC automatically stop running, preventing circulation throughout the house.

Protect your family today!