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Lost dog?

Lost dog?

I want to tell a true story that happened to our family this week.  My wife recently got a four-month-old Yorkie puppy which she named Mia.  My wife had Mia microchipped and ordered a new collar with her name and our cell number listed on it – but it had not arrived yet.


  One day this week, my boys ran out the front door for school leaving it open.  My wife was on the opposite end of the house and didn’t realize this for about ten minutes which was more than enough time for Mia to escape!  My wife hurried to our room on the other side of the house to get her shoes on so she could start looking for her.  You cannot hear the doorbell very well from our bedroom, but luckily, our Prolink Home Automation system told her that someone was at the door with a notification on her phone!

A neighbor boy found Mia and was pretty sure she was ours so he brought her home for us!  (I blurred our hero’s face to protect his identity.)  We were so grateful that we didn’t miss someone at our door.  Thanks Prolink!

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